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Remove unwanted hair with laser hair reduction in Calgary, AB

Remove Unwanted Hair with Laser Hair Heduction in Silverado Medical & Aesthetic ClinicWe see it every day – patients who are fed up with the never-ending cycle of waxing, shaving, or tweezing, hoping there is a better way. The good news is, there is a better way. Laser hair reduction is an effective treatment using advanced technology that can eliminate bothersome unwanted hair – for good. At Silverado Medical & Aesthetic Clinic in Calgary AB, we treat both men and women for laser hair reduction, with all skin tones, safely.

What is laser hair reduction?

Laser hair reduction uses an intense beam of light to eliminate unwanted hair. The heat of the light travels through the hair and is then absorbed by the hair follicles in the active growth phase. This permanently targets the follicles, preventing future growth.

The benefits of laser hair reduction

There are many advantages to laser hair reduction:
  • Highly accurate – We can target hair follicles in an area of the body without damaging the skin.
  • Fast and efficient – The pulses of laser light can treat multiple hair follicles at the same time.
  • Proven results – Most patients experience up to 90 percent permanent hair reduction after completing their sessions.

Preparing for laser hair reduction

Patients who are set to undergo treatments should stop waxing and any type of extraction of the hair 6-8 weeks prior to treatment. Laser hair reduction targets the root in the hair follicle, which prevents future growth. Tanning, whether outside or in a bed, as well as topical tanning creams should be stopped a month before treatment. Check with your laser technician about medication, as some can interfere with laser, even months after it has been stopped.

Before and after treatment

Patients will be instructed to shave the treatment area one day before their appointment. Using a laser that is customized to the color and thickness of your hair, the technician will direct pulses of light on the treatment area. Afterward, ice packs may be used for any discomfort.

If you want to spend less time removing unwanted hair and more time enjoying life, contact Silverado Medical & Aesthetic Clinic’s Calgary office at (844) 314-4891.
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