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Chemical Peels at Silverado Medical & Aesthetic Clinic, Calgary AB

Schedule a chemical peel in Calgary for a refreshed complexion
A young woman under chemical peel procedure Skin is tough and resilient, but daily abuse through sun exposure, improper diet, and hormonal changes takes its toll. The upper 18 to 23 layers are made of dead cells, which build up as new skin cells are generated in the deep strata. These dead layers leave your complexion dull, dry, and blotchy. At Silverado Medical & Aesthetic Clinic in Calgary, our chemical peels exfoliate the epidermis, revealing a youthful glow.

When is a chemical peel appropriate?

A series of chemical peels improves:
  • Fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Lax skin.
  • Age, liver, and sun spots.
  • Freckles.
  • Irregular pigmentations such as melasma.
  • Acne and congested pores.
  • Overall skin tone, texture, and complexion.
This treatment can be used on the face, neck, chest, back, or hands.

What to expect

Following a thorough analysis of your skin using contemporary technology, we design an individualized treatment plan specifying the type, number, and frequency of peels recommended. Expect some redness and mild peeling for a few days, but you may wear makeup the next day.

The best candidate for optimal results with a chemical peel is fair skinned and a non-smoker. Skin is cleansed, and a chemical formula is applied. You may experience a stinging sensation until your skin adjusts. Your skin will be cleansed and moisturized at specific intervals. We provide post-procedure instructions, including a skin care regimen and daily sun protection.

Expect a fresh, renewed complexion to emerge within a few days as the dead cells on the surface of your skin flake off. Your revitalized skin feels soft with a healthy radiance. Wrinkles and pigmentation become less noticeable with a uniform skin tone.

A series of chemical peels may be all your complexion needs, but we can combine chemical peels with other aesthetic treatments in a comprehensive rejuvenation strategy to suit each individual.

Call Silverado Medical & Aesthetic Clinic in Calgary at (844) 314-4891 to book a chemical peel.
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