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Enjoy the benefits of skin resurfacing with Calgary, AB area doctor

Facial Laser Resurfacing in Calgary AB area

Beautiful skin is just an appointment away, thanks to continued advancements in aesthetic laser technology. Dr. Folake Pepple of Silverado Medical and Aesthetics Clinic of Calgary, AB is pleased to offer a line of advanced solutions for patients to consider when it comes to enhancing the skin and targeting a variety of skin concerns. This includes skin resurfacing treatments to even out the skin tone, improve complexion, and address textural issues. What is skin resurfacing? Skin resurfacing is just one of many options available to patients in the Calgary, AB community. Our practice offers laser technology that is used to … Continue reading

Freeze fat with CoolSculpting at a clinic in Calgary, AB

CoolSculpting Clinic in Calgary AB area

A healthy diet and exercise are often recommended for weight loss or maintaining your desired weight. Unfortunately, sometimes that is not enough. For some patients, diet and exercise alone cannot remove an unwanted pouch or love handles. Fat reduction procedures can help remove unwanted pockets of fat through a few simple treatments. Now, patients searching for a CoolSculpting clinic can turn to Dr. Pepple of Silverado Medical & Aesthetic Clinic in Calgary, AB. Weight loss or fat reduction Losing weight does not equal fat loss. Many people assume when they lose pounds and inches that the fat itself has disappeared … Continue reading

Discover treatment options and how to get rid of acne scars in Calgary

How to Get Rid of Acne Scars Calgary area

Acne is a frightening word for teens and adults, and can be both frustrating and embarrassing. Unfortunately, the effects of acne can linger long after the breakouts. Certain types of acne can cause scarring which prolongs the stress. Now, there are options to improve the skin’s appearance. Dr. Pepple of Silverado Medical & Aesthetic Clinic in Calgary offers treatment options for acne and explains how to get rid of acne scars. Types of acne The occasional pimple or breakout is common. However, regular breakouts or acne that is unresponsive to over-the-counter treatments may require medical attention. Specialist attention is often … Continue reading

Calgary dermatologist explains why laser hair reduction is better than waxing

Why laser hair reduction is better than waxing in Calgary area

When it comes to eliminating unwanted hair, you have options. Shaving and plucking get rid of the hair, only to have it growing back in just a few days. Waxing eliminates the hair for longer but is a painful process that often results in extreme itching as the hair grows back over the course of several weeks. Laser hair reduction, on the other hand is an effective way to remove unwanted hair for good without the repeated effort of daily or weekly grooming. At Silverado Medical & Aesthetic Clinic in Calgary, we love laser hair reduction because it’s safe and … Continue reading

Patients in Calgary, AB ask what to expect from treatment for facial wrinkles with botulinum toxin

Treatment for Facial Wrinkles with Botulinum Toxin Calgary AB area

Age is just a number. No one ever said you have to look your age. Cosmetic or anti-aging procedures can be performed to address lines and wrinkles. Botulinum toxin, or Botox, is a commonly requested procedure to soften the appearance of fine lines. Dr. Pepple and the team at Silverado Medical & Aesthetic Clinic in Calgary, AB describes treatment for facial wrinkles with botulinum toxin.   Injectable treatments are a common starting point when patients consider anti-aging treatments and improving the appearance of their skin. Botulinum toxin treatments like Botox are safe, effective ways to improve the following lines and … Continue reading

We can make you look younger with Juvéderm treatment in Calgary, AB

Make You Look Younger With Juvederm in Calgary AB area

You stay in shape, take care of yourself, and live a full life. You certainly feel young, but that feeling isn’t reflected when you look in the mirror. What can you do? The answer can be found at Silverado Medical & Aesthetic Clinic in Calgary AB. Dr. Pepple and her team have a variety of treatments to make you look younger. One of the most popular is anti-aging with Juvéderm injections. Fighting back against facial aging Skin and underlying structures change over time. There is not a simple, singular cause of facial aging. In truth, dozens of changes take place … Continue reading

You can freeze away your fat with Coolsculpting in Calgary

Freeze Your Fat Away With Coolsculpting in Calgary area

You eat right, work out, and stay healthy. Yet, you still have a muffin top, love handles, or other stubborn fat rolls. You want to shape your body, but you don’t want surgery. If this sounds all too familiar, don’t worry. Dr. Pepple and the Silverado Medical & Aesthetic Clinic team have a beautiful solution. You can freeze your fat away with Coolsculpting, available right here at our practice in Calgary. Why is fat so stubborn? The number and location of fat cells in the human body remain relatively stable throughout adulthood. Unlike skin cells, they do not die off … Continue reading

Minimize wrinkles and boost your youthful glow with Juvéderm dermal filler in Calgary, AB

Juvéderm in Calgary AB

For centuries, people have searched for a fountain of youth. While we have yet to find one, there are effective treatments to help turn back the clock on aging skin! Juvéderm is a popular cosmetic injectable that can help restore your youthful appearance, minimize wrinkles, and boost lost volume. At Silverado Medical and Aesthetic Clinic in Calgary, AB, medical director Dr. Folake Pepple offers Juvéderm and a wide array of other anti-aging treatments to help patients look their best.   We will walk through all the important after-care information you need to know to achieve the best results. There is … Continue reading

Microneedling at our Calgary clinic has a plethora of benefits for your skin

Microneedling Benefits for Your Skin in Calgary area

Microneedling is a popular skin treatment, available at Silverado Medical & Aesthetic Clinic in Calgary AB. This procedure, also known as collagen induction therapy, works with your body’s natural healing and rejuvenation processes, providing a wealth of benefits for your skin. It is a popular treatment for patients who want to refresh and improve skin, without significant discomfort or inconvenience. What is microneedling? The concept is rather simple, and highly effective. The process involves creating a multitude of channels in skin by using ultra-fine needles to puncture it. Although that might sound painful, microneedles only penetrate the upper layers. It … Continue reading

Calgary, AB area professionals offer cosmetic chemical peels treatment for better skin

Chemical Peels for Better Skin in Calgary area

Many patients who visit Silverado Medical & Aesthetic Clinic who are interested in learning more about cosmetic treatment options available for better skin are encouraged to consider the advantages of using chemical peels. Chemical peels have been used for many years to help patients achieve healthier, more youthful looking skin, while also addressing an assortment of other concerns. Dr. Folake Pepple and her experienced staff welcome patients in and around the Calgary, AB community to visit the practice and learn more about chemical peels. What is a chemical peel? Chemical peels are a non-invasive way of addressing poor skin texture … Continue reading

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