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Belkyra at Silverado Medical & Aesthetic Clinic, Calgary AB

Calgary AB doctor treats double chin with Belkyra
A woman before and after double chin treatment Thousands of women and men in the Calgary AB area are troubled by excess fat under the chin. Stubborn submental fat spoils your side profile, and adds years to the appearance of your face, regardless of weight, age, or lifestyle. Dr. Folake Pepple of Silverado Medical & Aesthetic Clinic treats double chin effectively, with Belkyra injections.

Nonsurgical fat reduction

Historically, your only option for reduction in double chin was liposuction or cosmetic surgery. Dr. Pepple takes a different approach with injectable treatment, approved by Health Canada. The prescription medication is formulated with deoxycholic acid, a non-animal, synthetically-produced chemical that occurs naturally in the human body. It works by disrupting membranes of fat cells, causing their content of lipids to be released, broken down, and harmlessly flushed from the body.


Belkyra injection kit Dr. Pepple conducts a thorough consultation and examination to determine if you are a good candidate for injectable treatment. Then, here is what to expect:
  • Skin is cleansed.
  • Treatment area is numbed (since injections are made with a fine needle, some patients do not require anesthetic).
  • The doctor marks a grid pattern on the skin beneath the chin.
  • Small doses of the product are injected evenly at each point.
  • Injections take only a few minutes, and the entire appointment is conducted in an hour or less.
  • You may return to work or other normal low-impact activities right away.
  • You may experience minor bruising at injection sites, swelling, or slight discomfort, but it typically resolves within a few days.
  • No special care is necessary after treatment.


Most patients need several injection sessions, about a month apart, for optimal reduction. Usually, change is noticeable after two treatments. Since the body does not produce new fat cells, improvement is long-lasting.

Contact Silverado Medical & Aesthetic Clinic in Calgary AB at (844) 314-4891 to learn more about Belkyra.
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